About me

    After previous experience in Judó, Karate and other martial sports/arts I was lucky enough,  in 1991, to be able to start studying Bujinkan martial arts under guidance of Shihan Lubos Pokorny (founder of Bujinkan Czech Dojo and the 15th dan Bujinkan Hombu Dojo). I truly consider Mr. Pokorny as one of the best non-Japanese students of Sóke Hatsumi. His perseverance and devotion to study Bujinkan, relation to his teacher Hatsumi and comprehension to his ideas do still remain a great inspiration for me. This is why I am very grateful that I can continuously be a student of him. Thanks to Lubos I am ever more realizing the importance and significance of the teacher-student relationship.

    For the first time I attended the international seminar led by Hatsumi Sóke (Tai Kai) in Spain in 1995. Since 1998 I regularly visit Japan each year in order to study under guidance of both Sóke Hatsumi and his oldest students such as Shihan Oguri, Shihan Noguchi, Shihan Seno and Shihan Nagato. I am also very grateful for the help of Shihan Tomiyama.

    I’ve fallen in love with Bujinkan martial arts and their philosophy. I have been practicing it to become a part of the heritage of martial arts, their traditions and an experience of thousands of years – it has given a meaning to my own existence.