Inside&Outside (Ura&Omote)

30.01.2009 08:26

Inside&Outside (Ura&Omote)

You are within the silent walls of your own room. All the reflection of the old mirrors hanging on the walls of your Ura space is almost lost due to dust covering them continuously for ages. Take a moment to firmly decide and open the windows, open the doors. All the dust is then blown away by fresh wind. Open the door and make a step outside. You see the beauty of Omote space which seems to be endless. Then mirrors of your room start to reflect sun onto your inner space. Bear in mind that the dust which is raised loosely into the closed space can make the space completely unreadable. You can also be smothered by it. So you must be able to find the safe place which allows you to be close to the windows or doors. In sense of timing the escape must be such that you do not whirl the dust. This might be the matter of an art.


If you feel worries, doubts, concerns…have the courage and keep your heart and mind opened on the right place within your physical body. It will help you to overcome whatever difficulties of Ura and Omote space. Keep them as a core. Do not forget the path of true bugeisha. If there is an attack, just react naturally with the help of justice, the justice coming from gods or the natural justice far beyond the logic. It may give birth to connection that exists among Shin-Gi-Tai.


If your Ego is eradicated it does not necessarily mean it is no more there. When you do your best till the very end and you know that you can never ever get rid of your Ego completely it is gone!


As (probably) Takamatsu sensei once said: “There is no connection between gods and humans, there is connection between gods and human hearts.”


Life is the path of training. Isn’t it beautiful?!




I followed the flash of my mind and write in my poor English.